When director Duncan Jones was first announced to take on the World of Warcraft movie adaptation, fans like myself were excited to see what the cool sci-fi filmmaker will do. Since he’s two months away from filming the fantasy epic film, he let out some more information at this weekend’s Blizzcon.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blizzcon, it’s a cool two day celebration of all games having to do with Blizzard Entertainment. Easily the biggest highlight of the convention was the World of Warcraft panel where Duncan Jones and company spoke up a little bit more on the process of tackling such a monstrous fantasy game. Reports say that the script will be an equal balance of the Alliance and the Horde, which means we’re going to be getting a hefty story that will easily launch this into a possible franchise, which I imagine is exactly what they want out of this project. We’ll be getting a lot of characters hurled right at us, but they still managed to craft together a cool story line that non-fans will dig.

Now I’m a fantasy fan myself, but I never had the chance to play World of Warcraft (mainly because my computer is awful), so hearing that they’ll have an accessible script for the first film makes me happy. For years we’ve been on the edge of what could be a new wave of fantasy films, but none of them have really been successful aside from anything having to do with J.R.R. Tolkien’s adapted material. If Duncan Jones and company can pull this off, maybe we’ll be seeing some other cool fantasy films emerge out of the wood work in years to come. Now check out the concept art that gives us an idea of the monstrous world that we’ll be watching in theaters.

Are you going to check out the World of Warcraft movie when it’s in theaters?

Source: Cinema Blend