Thor The Dark World -2

Though it didn’t (Hulk) smash any records, Thor: The Dark World did make piles upon piles of cash, and is more likely to make close to $300 Million than the $181 Million of the first film. So, that’s sweet.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 Thor: The Dark World $86,109,000 $22,418 $86,109,000
2 Bad Grandpa $11,300,000 (-43.5) $3,546 $78,747,000
3 Free Birds $11,180,000 (-29.3) $2,993 $30,196,000
4 Last Vegas $11,100,000 (-32.0) $3,602 $33,531,000
5 Ender’s Game $10,250,000 (-62.1)
$3,009 $44,001,000
6 Gravity $8,405,000 (-34.5) $3,090 $231,119,000
7 12 Years a Slave $6,600,000 (+37.7) $5,769 $17,346,000
8 Captain Phillips $5,800,000 (-31.0) $2,192 $90,982,000
9 About Time $5,172,000 (+380.6) $4,310 $6,690,000
10 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 $2,800,000 (-32.5) $1,525 $109,976,000

With $86 Million in the bank (which puts it as the thirty-seventh highest opening weekend of all time), Thor 2 will definitely do over $200 Million, though it’s possible that support for the film could collapse next week. There’s no real competition until November 22 when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens, so there’s definitely breathing room. But Thor‘s opening weekend number doesn’t guarantee much as X-Men Origins: Wolverine opened to a similar number and couldn’t crack $200.

It’s hard to say if lack of competition or good word of mouth is the secret to Bad Grandpa‘s success, but it’s closing in on $100 Million, and though it may not make the $117 Million of the third Jackass film, it’s still a monster success (especially considering how much it cost to make).

But everything held well this week except Ender’s Game, which is not going to make it to $100 Million, and may not make it to $80. It’s dying, and there’s nothing good about that. Otherwise, it’s worth noting that Captain Phillips should have enough gas to get over the hundred million dollar mark.

Reality Check: I thought Thor 2 would surge a little higher. Right ballpark, wrong address. Such is life.

What did you watch this weekend?