In what could be the oddest news to pop out this Friday, there’s reports that Lionsgate is mulling over the possibility of making a theme park out of the popular movie and book franchise The Hunger GamesStrange, right? While it’s not finalized, the mere thought of this theme park doesn’t make me feel too well for a number of reasons.

The news first emerged this morning as the CEO of Lionsgate let it slip that we could be seeing two Hunger Games theme parks in the near future. There aren’t too many specifics on the park released as of this moment but the thought of Lionsgate going ahead with this is so odd. The whole idea of The Hunger Games is that it inflicts a warped order in this dystopian world with this annual event that strikes fear in the hearts of the 12 districts. Does that mean we’re going to walk around these disheveled districts until we walk into a recreation of the shiny Capitol? The whole idea of this theme park sounds a little too impractical to do. If Lionsgate went ahead with this, they would more than likely be losing money.

Either way Lionsgate is going to be making a bunch of cash with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. You can see Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) gradually fighting against the system in the upcoming movie, due out in theaters November 22.

Would you go to a theme park based off The Hunger Games? Why or why not?

Source: Cinema Blend