Joel Kinnaman

There’s not a lot of people who are looking forward to the RoboCop remake, and for good reason. The 1987 film is a sci-fi classic in its own right, so to see this suddenly emerge out of nowhere doesn’t make too many fans of the original happy. But maybe they’ll be thinking a little differently once they check out the latest trailer for the flick.

Ever since we saw the first official image of Joel Kinnaman in the RoboCop garb, the groans from fans across the world were almost audible. Why must they bother remaking a movie that’s well over 20 years old? There’s still some marketability in the name alone, so that’s a good incentive to trudge along the murky remake waters. Then there’s the topic of remakes and how they fare in the box office as of late. There are certain cases where you’ll see one succeed far beyond what anybody originally thought it would, similar to what the Evil Dead remake did earlier this year, which happened to be surprisingly good too for a remake. Others don’t make it out too well theatrically, whether it be for the quality of the picture or the marketing overall. Thoughts like that must keep diehard RoboCop fans uncomfortable with the idea of the remake just being right around the corner.

At the same time these folks sure know how to cut a great trailer. It gives us a better scope of the world that a RoboCop would exist in, one that has embraced robotic programs of that sort in day-to-day life. Now this movie may or may not have similar themes to the original, but the incredible cast alone (Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson) definitely perks my interest. Give the trailer a look at and let us know what you think.

Will you give the RoboCop remake a chance when it’s out in theaters next year?

Source: Slashfilm