Going by the first trailer for Gareth Evans‘ sequel to The Raid (aka The Raid: Redemption), we have no idea what the plot is about, or how it connects to the first film in any way (though with so many dead gang leaders in the first film, it’s possible the film is about hungry criminals filling that gap). That said, holy crap can we not wait to see The Raid 2, aka The Raid 2: Berandal.

The trailer doesn’t explain much, but it does show snippets of a number of fight scenes. Like the first film, Evans understands the appeal of practical stunts and physical contact (especially in a world where CGI dominates) and there’s plenty of that on display here. But also, there’s a sense of an expanded world (the first film set all of its action in and around one building), so there’s a much bigger scale. Check it out:

Though the first film didn’t become the crossover hit that was hoped for, it’s likely the film has found more fans now that it’s on home video. We’ve definitely watched the film a couple of times (it’s on cable a lot), and it is one of the best action movies of the last ten years. Sony Pictures Classics will release the sequel stateside (they also handled the first), and it should be playing in theaters sometime in 2014.

Have you seen The Raid yet?