It’s been a long time coming, but Blockbuster is finally shutting its remaining open stores by January of 2014. Actually I’m surprised they haven’t made the decision to close down all of their retail stores across the country. At this point Blockbuster has been rendered obsolete thanks to the emergence of Netflix and other digital movie/TV/video game platforms, but now it’s officially come to an end.

DISH has had their hands on the Blockbuster name for some time now. It’s thanks to them that this decision to shut down the remaining stores and the mailing distribution they had going for awhile. To be quite honest Blockbuster was long dead after 2007. We saw a huge uprising in digital distribution as Netflix took over the scene. Blockbuster tried their best to keep strong, opening up little kiosk boxes next to grocery stores where you could grab a DVD or two and bring it back the next day. Unfortunately by that point Redbox was becoming the domineering force in that field, so Blockbuster didn’t stand a chance once this new wave started up.

The company in some small way will still be alive, even though we won’t see the famous brand over any sort of buildings anymore. DISH says that they’ll be utilizing the Blockbuster library and using their own video on demand service to still keep the brand name alive. Let’s just see how long that lasts.

We’re all feeling the wave of nostalgia right now as Blockbuster gets ready to shut its doors. We all recall those nights where we browsed around the random aisles of the store as the upcoming VHS or DVD movie trailers popped up on a screen somewhere in the corner of the store. There were the nights where I would huddle up with my friends and we would brave the horror aisle, looking for the creepiest movie to watch at home. Thanks for the memories Blockbuster.

What’s your favorite memory about Blockbuster that you recall from your youth?

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