If Kane & Lynch sounds like a movie property that you’ve read about before, you’re not wrong. The video game has been sitting on the shelf for years and at one point was painfully close to getting the green light until everything fell apart. Now, years later, there’s some life injected back in it, possibly with the help of Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel.

Back in 2010, there was momentum on the Kane & Lynch project. At one point  Jamie Foxx and possibly Bruce Willis were on the cast. It appeared as if the stars were aligning so-to-speak on the production, but it was short-lived. There was a shuffle between directors happening within 2010-2011, and once they started locking eyes on F. Gary Gray, the production was in shambles. There was little to no movement on the production in general up until recently when it’s been revealed that Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel are both being looked at to play the two lead roles in this action-adventure piece. F. Gary Gray is still on to direct, which makes me happy because I really dug Law Abiding Citizen.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the video game Kane & Lynch, it centers on two death row inmates who escape from prison and are on the hunt for some serious cash, but there’s a lot more motivating the two that’s below the surface. Either way, it looks as if this movie is green lit once again. Let’s hope that lasts longer than it did the first time around.

Are you looking forward to this movie interpretation of Kane & Lynch? Why or why not?

Source: Cinema Blend