New Girl Coach Episode 7 Season 3 – TV Review

After a week on the shelf, New Girl returns to our television screens with a new episode (“Coach”) that features Damon Wayans Jr. and lots of strip club action.

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The Players:

  • Director: Russ Alsobrook
  • Writers: David Feeney
  • Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone, Merritt Wever

Episode Title: “Coach”

A newly single Coach returns to the loft, and wants to pick up exactly where he left off when he moved out.

The Good:

  • Coach: Damon Wayans Jr. is always good for some good laughs, and he delivers throughout the latest episode as the old roommate who returns to cause some havoc. His referring to Jess as ‘Naggie Gyllenhall” deserves a round of applause. It was also funny when he looked at her and said: “Who are you?”
  • V-Rab: The show closed on a high note with Winston bringing home take-out from the strip club — Main Stage Fish Tacos!
  • Taye: Yes, Taye Diggs was rockin’ an unfortunate beard, but oh-so handsome nevertheless. He was also rather funny is his cameo appearance.
  • Raiders: Nick and Schmidt’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark” chat, though heated, happened to be a funny sequence, which they hit upon again towards the end.
  • Schmidt: His “I’m about to party all up in ya!” line during the cold open was great. Speaking of the cold open, the guys doing a drunken version of the Scorpions “Rock You Like A Hurricane” did not suck.
  • Jess: Scored big with the Temple Grandin reference.
  • The Quote: Jess: “Shut your face.”

The Bad:

  • Police: The scene in front of the police station featuring all the guys was not very funny.
  • Nick/Jess: Their back-and-forth early on about the girlfriend/boyfriend ‘conversation’ gets low marks.


The episode never kicked into high gear, but there were enough funny quotes and witty dialogue sprinkled throughout to merit a decent score. Damon Wayans Jr. did strong work from start to finish, while the Jess/Arty/Cece plot was far better than the guys at the strip club. That dragged a little too long before we ended up with Nick and Jess making nice to close out the evening.


Rating: 6/10

New Girl airs on Fox at 9pm (ET/PT) on Tuesday nights.

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