There’s a lot this week if you like television and new releases, plus some great catalog titles. But we’re most excited for the release of The Right Stuff on Blu-ray, because it’s The Right Stuff


  • 2 Guns: Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg worked together for this film, which made a very quiet $75 Million as the summer season was winding down. It seems like a film time will forget.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold – Season 1, Dexter: The Final Season, Farscape: The Complete Series, Mad Men: Season Six, Magic City: The Complete Second Season, The Mentalist: The Complete First Season, Under the Dome, Weeds: The Complete Collection – Limited Edition: Of this week’s television releases, it’s worth nothing that Dexter is already fully collected on home video (though…) and Mad Men’s new season is here, though there’s still a wait for the first half of the final season.
  • Clear History: Larry David returned to HBO with an all star cast, and no one seemed to love this, but there you go.
  • Girl Most Likely: Kristen Wiig is still coming off Bridesmaids in audiences’ minds (though she might still be a Saturday Night Live actress to some) so it’s weird that this film was dumped and drowned by its studio. Must be very not good.
  • Grown Ups 2: Worldwide gross: $244,958,456. Thanks, world.
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Extended Edition: Because what this movie needed to be was longer.
  • Lovelace: Amanda Seyfried plays the famous Deep Throat actress, in this bio-pic that got pegged as being a bio-pic, and will likely live on most for its nudity. Such are certain films.
  • Parkland: This looks like an Oscar picture that wasn’t with a fairly deep and mostly strong cast (Zac Efron, Billy Bob Thornton, etc.) but here it is on home video.
  • Passion: Brian De Palma’s latest is rad, and I hope more people see it.
  • White House Down: The second “Die Hard in the White House” movie of the year failed with audiences, but the pairing of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, and many of the positive reviews suggest that audiences just got burned out with blockbusters by the middle of the summer. Who can blame them?


  • The Best Years of Our Lives, The Bishop’s Wife, A Christmas Story: 30th Anniversary Edition, Elf: 10th Anniversary Edition, Giant, The Right Stuff: 30th Anniversary Edition, Surviving Christmas: “There’s a demon…that lives in the air. And they say whoever challenged him … would die.” Some great catalog releases from Warner Brothers this week.
  • The Best Man: Oh hi, home video tie-in to new sequel, it’s been a while.
  • Intolerance: D.W. Griffith’s best not that controversial film hits Blu-ray this week.
  • My Name is Nobody: 40th Anniversary Edition: Terrence Hill’s fun spaghetti western homage/parody is a charmer, if slight.
  • Scrooged: 25th Anniversary Edition: Holiday films tend to be loved, this is one of those films it’s hard not to wish was a bit better, but there are surely fans of this one, simply because of repeated holiday viewings, and a fondness for the story and Bill Murray.
  • The Three Faces of Eve: Fox is slow on unloading their classics (unlike Warner Brothers), but they are at least trying.
  • Topaz: Hey, it’s a single disc release of one of Alfred Hitchcock’s worst films. Yay!
  • Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga: The big box set of the sparkly vampire movie series is now here. Personally I liked the first and the last the best, but fans will probably want this because of some modestly new content.

What are you picking up this week?