Golden Globe Nominee: Chiwetel Ejiofor

After having just written a news update about the casting status of Batman Vs. Superman, in which the internet has breathlessly told us Thor’s Jamie Alexander will star in as Wonder Woman because she has been made privy to the film’s story details (and, c’mon—she does look like Wonder Woman), we’re wheeling around to toss another piece of internet/fan-constructed guesswork at you—this time involving 12 Years a Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor and the upcoming (and as yet officially untitled) Star Wars: Episode VII.

How’d this come about?  Well, UK newsman Rhys Blakely visited the Bad Robot offices recently to discuss S, a new novel written by Doug Port and concocted by J.J. Abrams—who just so happens to be directing Star Wars: Episode VII.  And who did Blakely bump into at Abrams’ office but Ejiofor.  So now we must all assume Ejiofor is in Star Wars, ok?

Blakely did actually manage the nerve to ask Abrams about it.  He noted that Abrams gave him a “dead-eyed” stare and simply said “I can’t discuss casting.  But he’s a very talented gentleman.”

Further, when recently asked if he would take a role in Star Wars if Abrams asked, Ejiofor stated that “we’ll see if it happens.  I’m not going to tell you.”

Is this enough to convince ourselves Ejiofor is in Star Wars now, or should we breathe into a bag and calm down?

Source: /Film