As we slip into the Fall and Winter months, there’s something else we movie fans get besides a load of prestige/ award-season films—we also receive an endless bounty of casting and plot rumors about upcoming blockbuster films, as this is the time in which they are typically in pre-production or production.

The latest rumor spreading like brushfire through the internet (and by brushfire, we mean a lot of people like us, just sitting around and randomly guessing things)?  That Jaimie Alexander, who stars as Sif in Marvel’s Thor film franchise, will star as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman.  The reasoning for such rumors?  Alexander herself confirmed at this weekend’s Comikaze Expo that she has been meeting with Warner Bros. over a potential role.

Why do we assume the role is for Batman Vs. Superman?  Because Alexander also let it slip that she already “kind of knows the story line” for the massively anticipated blockbuster—meaning someone at Warner Bros. is discussing the film with her.  As for the assumption that she’s portraying Wonder Woman—well, she physically fits the profile and excels at portraying a badass warrior; plus, Warner Bros. has been trying for ages to wedge a live-action Wonder Woman into the modern age.

So, what do you think—is there a chance she’s in talks for Wonder Woman?

Source: /Film