Though Ender’s Game netted the top slot this weekend, there’s no getting around that the film was shooting for a $200-$300 Million domestic total, and it may not make it to the nine digit range when it’s all said and done. It could be saved by international, but it probably won’t. Oh well.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Ender’s Game $28,000,000 $8,218 $28,000,000
2 Bad Grandpa $20,500,000 (-36.0) $6,129 $62,058,000
3 Last Vegas $16,520,000 $5,390 $16,520,000
4 Free Birds $16,200,000 $4,336 $16,200,000
5 Gravity $13,130,000 (-34.8)
$4,342 $219,196,000
6 Captain Phillips $8,500,000 (-27.0) $2,814 $82,551,000
7 12 Years a Slave $4,600,000 (+115.5) $11,728 $8,760,000
8 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 $4,200,000 (-33.1) $1,728 $106,195,000
9 Carrie $3,400,000 (-43.2) $1,510 $31,973,000
10 The Counselor $3,250,000 (-58.6) $1,068 $13,368,000

The big problem for Ender’s is that it will likely be trampled by Thor: The Dark World next weekend. It’s the exact same audience. Ten years ago a near-thirty million dollar opening would mean that the film will definitely get to a hundred million. Twenty years ago, that would put you in the $150-$200 Million range. Now, it may not get to $80 Million.

Bad Grandpa held insanely well for something like that, which means it has a shot to limp to $100 Million. At this point the film is already in profit, so that’s good news for the picture. Last Vegas and Free Birds performed at room temperature. Forgettable to the end. 12 Years a Slave keeps expanding well, though it’s unlikely the film would do well in two thousand theaters. Still, it’s knocking them dead.

Next week the big fall movie period begins in earnest.

Reality Check: I didn’t think Grandpa would hold as well as it did. I thought Free Birds might show more life. I was close-ish, but eh.

What did you watch this weekend?