At this point we’re all accustomed to horror remakes, especially of certain genre movies that are near and dear to our gore-loving hearts. The latest to fall on the chopping block is Sleepaway Camp, a horror cult classics of sorts that still isn’t too mainstream for normal movie-goers to really recognize.

For those of you who may not know, Sleepaway Camp centers on a mysterious person who begins hacking away at those at a summer camp. It’s actually a fairly generic plot of sorts (though with an infamously shocking ending), but you could do a lot with it. Since it’s such an obscure but still noticeable title that horror fans have loved throughout the years, surely there’ll be some form of small backlash against the remake. Personally I’m curious to see what they do with it, especially the violent and sexual death scenes that are sprinkled within the movie.

At least we know that the remake will be in reliable hands since the writer/director Robert Hiltzik is on board as consultant along with the original movie’s producer (Michael Tatosian) and the star (Felissa Rose). Your guess is as good as mine when it pertains to how they’ll re-imagine this for a new era and audience that may or may not be familiar with the original. If they amp up the gore factor around the same way that the Evil Dead remake did earlier this year, it will definitely catch the attention of a few movie-goers.

Do you want to see a remake for Sleepaway Camp?

Source: Cinema Blend