For a while now there’s been rumblings about what’s going with Star Wars: Episode 7, but very little concrete information — other than that screenwriter Michael Arndt had left the project and that Lawrence Kasdan and J.J. Abrams were taking over writing duties.  That could be because the team is trying to push the film into 2016. But it seems that Disney’s CEO wants it in 2015 and won’t budge.

The Hollywood Reporter has written a story that is filled with rumor-mongering and most every piece of friction is then denied by a second party. Literally the last line of the piece is “There’s no drama here.” But it’s Star Wars, so…. Basically, the change in writing staff and some later decisions have made Abrams and company ask repeatedly that the film be pushed into 2016, while CEO Bob Iger is anxious to get the Star Wars money-ball rolling.

It’s understandable on both sides. Having all the time they need is something every artist wants and often pays off artistically, but for Disney, buying Star Wars from George Lucas was a four billion dollar investment, and one they’d like to start seeing a return on. In sniffing this story out, the fact that there’s been no cast announced and so little forward movement suggests that there is truth in these reports (which then suggests someone may have leaked this on either side to nudge the other). Then again, we may get a bunch of big casting announcements any minute now. But this seems to cement one thing: The film is more than likely to come out in December if it remains a 2105 title.

How anxious are you for more Star Wars?