Yesterday the horror world was surprised to find out that director Fede Alvarez and screenwriter Rodo Sayagues were not going to return to take on Evil Dead 2, which we can technically call a sequel remake maybe? I’m not entirely sure. Either way it was reported that they were no longer attached to the project, but apparently that was entirely false. 

Apparently there was a mix up with communication within the past 24 hours that lead us all to believe that the director and screenwriter were off of Evil Dead 2 a long time ago. Earlier today Mr. Alvarez cleared that all up with a nice little statement:

“Rodo meant we’re not actually making Evil Dead 2 right now because the priority is Sam [Raimi's] Army of Darkness 2. But the plan of making a sequel to our Evil Dead is very much alive.”

Well that makes sense. The main thing that Evil Dead fans have been wanting for the longest time is just an Army of Darkness sequel, one that we wished for and never received up until this point. The Evil Dead remake wasn’t bad per say, but I’m a lot more content with getting more out of Army of Darkness than the Alvarez one. Now the big question on everyone’s minds is whether or not either of these sequels will be able to live up to expectations, especially Army of Darkness.

What do you want to see out of Evil Dead 2?

Source: Bloody Disgusting