After the release of the first trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, fans are foaming at the mouth with anticipation. They want to see more footage a lot sooner than later, myself included. So what does Marvel Studios decide to do? Release a few minutes worth of footage in front of Thor: The Dark World when it’s out in theaters, but that’s not all they’ll be doing for this sneak peek.

The five minutes worth of footage they’ll be releasing in front of Thor: The Dark World will be presented in post converted 3D. We’ll see Captain American hopefully dive out of that airplane and into the middle of some big lair where a bunch of bad guys are hiding out. Either way, there will be plenty of fanboys and fangirls anxiously waiting to see a little more of their favorite super soldier serum-induced hero kick the teeth out of some villains.

My guess is that they’ll recycle some of the Comic-Con/D23 Expo footage they’ve shown off already earlier this year and slap it in front of Thor: The Dark World. That means everybody will be able to see Captain America (Chris Evans) level that elevator full of bad guys. Maybe we’ll see more action from The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and our slightly emo-looking Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). By the way, who decided to let Scarlett Johansson’s version of Black Widow have that style of hair? It looks incredibly fake and doesn’t really match her face, but that’s just me. Any who, be sure to check out the few minutes of awesome Captain America: The Winter Soldier footage in front of Thor: The Dark World in 3D when it comes out in theaters on November 8th.

What are you looking forward to seeing the most in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

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