The Walking Dead

Though the show has suffered some major behind the scenes drama, with showrunners replaced repeatedly, The Walking Dead has never been at a loss for ratings, and just premiered to the highest numbers of anything on basic cable that wasn’t a sports game. That’s why AMC has wisely renewed the series for a fifth season.

This comes as no surprise as the show has always been widely popular… though not always with horror fans. There was a fear the show would make zombies less terrifying, less special, but the show manages to create some wicked zombie effects that seem as grotesque as almost anything in the George Romero Night/Dawn/Day/etc. Dead universe. And though The Walking Dead has drawn from the comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, it’s always made a point to weave some of the previously written events into slightly different narratives. And where those who weren’t crazy about the show thought it might fade in popularity, the show’s number continue to rise.

The game plan is to follow the formula of the fourth season, which is sixteen episodes split in half (just like Breaking Bad), with eight airing in fall and eight airing in early spring. We’re still in the midst of the first half of the fourth season, and the show’s fifth won’t start until fall 2014, but fans will be happy to know the show will be around for a while longer. As for the supporting cast… they’ll take their chances.

Are you addicted to The Walking Dead?