There’s a number of movies that just don’t really peak my interest, and this upcoming Entourage movie is one of them. Personally I believe that the show ran out of steam towards the fifth season, but that’s definitely just me. Fans will be finally getting their wish as the movie has been officially green-lit. 

Last week we caught wind of an actor or two getting incredibly jealous over a particular paycheck, but apparently that’s all water under the bridge now. After some heavy negotiations, which felt like they were lasting way too long than they ever should have, every main actor on the cast must have a nice sum of money under their belt since this film is moving forward. The Entourage movie has been talked about for years now, with the first mumblings of this becoming a reality reaching back towards the show before the series concluded. There’s been a few bumps along the way, but hey, it’s getting made now.

There’s one aspect of the show that I loved, which quickly disappeared after the first couple of seasons, and that’s the starry-eyed feeling of hope everyone gets when they want to make it in their dream career. Vince (Adrian Grenier) is a bit of an arrogant bastard, but he has this stupid innocence to him that you can’t help but like, which makes him easier to root for when he’s handed these cool opportunities to bring himself up towards movie star status. If there’s any way they can recapture that with whatever story line they have for this movie, I’ll go out and see it.

Are you excited for the Entourage movie?

Source: Cinema Blend