MONSTERS UNIVERSITYPixar leads a sleepy week of new releases, with Monsters University arriving for home video along with one of the summer’s biggest bombs.


  • Monsters University: For a prequel, MU is much better than it probably should have been while still not being great enough to earn classic Pixar status. John Goodman and Billy Crystal return as your favorite monsters, now in college and both wanting to be scare masters. G-rated college hijinks ensue, and the film is successful enough. But….
  • R.I.P.D.: Honestly, at this point we’re a bit curious to see this one. Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds star in it as dead lawmen who police the spirit world, which makes it sound a little Men in Black/Ghostbuster-y. The film tanked, but that was not unexpected. Is it one of the worst films of the year? Does that make it worth a look? We’ll see soon enough.


  • Cars – 3D: For those who wanted to own Cars in three dimensions, Disney’s got you covered.
  • Demons, Demons 2: Just in time for Halloween comes this double feature, and these films have always felt like the ultimate examples of Italian horror from the 1980’s. Great soundtracks as well.
  • La Notte: Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1961 masterpiece is now officially a part of the Criterion collection. Huzzah.
  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: For many this film is defined by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 parody. For everyone else… Who are you?

What are you picking up this week?