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Writer-director Steven Conrad has been developing a biopic about original Saturday Night Live alum, Animal House star, and Blues Brother John Belushi for three years now.   Various names have popped up over time to portray the doomed star—who died in 1982 at the age of 33 after taking a speedball—including Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Levine, and Emile Hirsch.  And it now seems that Hirsch (Into the Wild, Speed Racer, Milk, Killer Joe) will star as the husky comic genius.

Hirsch’s casting is something of a mystery—while he does share a vague fascial resemblance to Belushi, it’s hard to imagine Hirsch capturing the heavyset, manic, Tasmanian Devil-aspects of the fallen Saturday Night Live icon.

As for the film itself, Belushi’s widow, Judith, has signed off on the project, meaning it will more than likely be a far more positive portrayal of his life than the bizarre, warts-and-all biopic Wired that was released in 1989.

Check out the film’s official description:

“On the day he turned thirty, John starred in America’s number-one movie (“Animal House”), starred in the number-one late-night show (“Saturday Night Live”) and had recorded the number-one album (“Briefcase Full of Blues”). All from a guy who was never supposed to make it out from behind the cash register of his family’s Chicago diner.

“How did this Albanian immigrant’s son capture a nation’s imagination and come to embody all the glory and tragedy of the American dream? It was one high-price, high-speed, short-lived wild ride.”

What do you think of the Belushi biopic news?

Source: Coming Soon