Back in April, we reported that Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez was set to direct his own version of Evil Dead 2, and that Army of Darkness (the third film in the original Evil Dead trilogy) would be getting its own sequel as well—meaning that both a franchise’s original continuity and its remake continuity would be seeing releases at roughly the same time.  Further, Alvarez and original trilogy star Bruce Campbell were pushing for a seventh film (after Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Army of Darkness 2, and the Evil Dead remake and its sequel) in which the storylines from the two continuities would dovetail and crossover.  Further,  Campbell has recently assured fans that Army of Darkness 2 is happening, and Raimi is likely to be involved.

And now, Raimi’s own involvement in the sequel appears to be more concrete.

While we live in an era in which a studio simply speaking with an artist is breathlessly reported on the internet as  confirmation that something is definitely happening, this news appears to be fairly solid, as it comes from Alvarez himself: when a fan asked Alvarez on Twitter who would be directed Army of Darkness 2, Alvarez answered unambiguously.  “Sam Raimi will!”

And yes, that isn’t exactly official confirmation, Alvarez’s association with the franchise leads us to believe this news is fairly reliable.

What do you think of the Army of Darkness 2 news?

Source: /Film