As a production, the Keanu Reeves vehicle 47 Ronin film was besieged with problems, delayed for over a year and  had a massive amount of reshoots. As a trailer, 47 Ronin looks kind of cool. And though it’s easy to think about the film’s troubled history, this new trailer gives the film a scale and scope that could turn it into the sleeper hit of the winter season.

Whether the film works or not is hard to say from a trailer, but it looks like Universal is putting some marketing muscle behind this Carl Rinsch film, as they definitely spent on the special effects work. This new trailer shows off how big this movie is, and it definitely looks huge. And though there are glowing swords, which makes this look like it’s trying to be a little Star Wars-y, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Check it out:

What the film may suffer from — at least going by this trailer — is too much CGI. If it’s about characters fighting, too much effects work can make those action sequences look weightless, but there’s enough of a fantasy element here to may allay those concerns. and for a film that looked like a write-off six to twelve months ago (it was originally scheduled for a November 2012 release), this at least looks like it will have a fighting chance when it’s released on December 25, 2013.

Are you in for 47 Ronin?