After three weeks on top, Gravity has been dethroned, and replaced as the number one movie in America. The new champ? Bad Grandpa. But Gravity is still performing. This weekend also saw the release of The Counselor, which is DOA. All that and more…

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Bad Grandpa $32,000,000 $9,592 $32,000,000
2 Gravity $20,300,000 (-32.4) $5,476 $199,814,000
3 Captain Phillips $11,800,000 (-28.1) $3,754 $70,074,000
4 The Counselor $8,000,000 $2,628 $8,000,000
5 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 $6,100,000 (-36.9)
$1,961 $100,611,000
6 Carrie $5,900,000 (-63.4) $1,869 $26,021,000
7 Escape Plan $4,340,000 (-56.1) $1,505 $17,424,000
8 12 Years a Slave $2,150,000 (+132.8) $17,480 $3,400,000
9 Enough Said $1,555,000 (-11.2) $1,862 $13,021,000
10 Prisoners $1,063,000 (-48.5) $789 $59,122,000

The Jackass films have always been successful, so it’s no surprise that Bad Grandpa opened big. The film cost $15 Million, so it should already be in profit. That said, the film is likely to stall out around $60-$70 Million, as it’s more than likely to be front-loaded. The Counselor… well Fox didn’t try that hard with this one, so it’s no surprise that it didn’t work. It looks like it’s going to be a cult hit.

Gravity is so close to $200 Million that I’m surprised the numbers weren’t fudged just to get it over. Who cares, it will get there tomorrow at some point. $250 Million — maybe a little more — seems like the ceiling, which will put it in the top five highest grossers of the year. And it’s not done. Captain Phillips, if it keeps holding strong, could join the hundred million dollar club. It’s going to be close with that one, but those are great numbers for an adult thriller. Speaking of the nine digit club, Cloudy 2 just joined and will be getting it’s lounging jacket post haste.

Carrie and Escape Plan remain bombs, while 12 Years a Slave (on a little over a hundred screens) is killing it. It’s hard to know if it will remain the Oscar front runner, but if it can expand well and keep audiences interested, it may very well be the picture of the year.

Reality Check: Wow, I was on the nose with pretty much everything but Carrie, which I overrated by a million. Everything else I was less than a million off from what it did. Sometimes it works like that.

What did you watch this weekend?