We’re only weeks away from the next Marvel movie Thor: The Dark World, but since there’s always an influx of Marvel movie news, it’s almost hard to keep track. But, yes, the new Thor movie is coming out in two weeks, and there’s already reviews around the web. But perhaps more importantly, there’s a new clip that plays up the banter between Tom Hiddleston‘s Loki and Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor. And it feels familiar.

Though they’re no Han Solo and Princess Leia (I guess they’d be closer to Luke and Leia), Thor and Loki snipe at each other while Thor pilots a spaceship. Look, he’s the God of thunder, he lives on a different planet, so why not spaceships? This may break the sort of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons aesthetic that the first film is going for, but it’s definitely fun to see, and that’s exciting (even if the actors don’t seem particularly convinced of their surroundings). This movie looks bigger than expected. Check it out:

Early word has been good, but many of those reviews have been from people who were sent to London to go to the premiere and cover the junket. The main topics that come up repeatedly are that the movie is not bloated (that’s good), it’s a bit messy/overcomplicated (that’s bad), but that it improves upon the first film. So, huzzah? Thor: The Dark World opens November 8.

Will you go to a midnight screening of Thor 2? Will you stay up all night to get Loki?