Golden Globe Nominee: Jeremy Piven

Earlier this week, we reported to you that the most longed-for film by Axe Body Spray aficionados, the Entourage movie, had hit a brick wall, despite already having a script and green light from Warner Bros.  Rumor had it that stars Jeremy Piven and Kevin Connolly had already signed on, but that Adrian Grenier and company were holding out for more cash.  As it turns out, some of that is true, and some isn’t.

At least, according to the newest story.  As /Film has it, Jeremy Piven is currently the only actor who has signed on to the film and he’s getting a hefty paycheck.  This isn’t exactly sitting well with the cast, who are holding out to get pay equal to Piven’s, which Grenier vaguely alluded to in an Instagram post.  Because, apparently, we live in a world in which the guy who plays “Turtle” is equal Jeremy Piven in terms of box office clout—despite the fact that Piven was already earning a bigger paycheck than the other actors while working on the Entourage series, has a higher level of box office recognition, and has won three Emmys and a Golden Globe for the role.

What do you think—is Piven justified in receiving a higher paycheck?