Without the Graysons there would be no Revengebut just how long will fans wait for their destruction? “Mercy” toyed with that query in more ways than one. While two former novices immerse themselves in all things deceptive, others get the better of our main avenger. Will Emily ever best her betters?

The Players:

  • Director: J. Miller Tobin
  • Writer: Karin Gist
  • Cast: Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, Nick Wechsler, Henry Czerny, Josh Bowman, Christa B. Allen, Barry Sloane, James LeGros, Justin Hartley, Karine Vanasse, Kathleen York, Jack Merrill, Conor Leslie, Victoria Park, Kavita Patil, Brianna Brown, Coley Mustafa Speaks, Tom Virtue, Tiffany Jeneen

Episode Title: “Mercy”

As the wreck is cleared, Emily tries to tie her future father-in-law to the car crash, while Victoria seeks employment.

The Good:

  • Son of a Gun: Patrick’s devotion to Victoria made his attempt to sell one of her prized paintings seem like more subterfuge. Victoria revealed the maneuver as a coup to blackmail Sheila into surrendering her gallery and vacating the Hamptons. The whole thing felt like vintage Victoria, banishing any person who dares to challenge her supremacy.  Patrick’s role in the plan shows a genetic predilection to deception. He may employ those same techniques to keep his mother from learning of his new dalliance with Nolan. Although, with Patrick’s proven prowess at trickery thanks to that Vickie Harper ingenuity, Nolan is the one that should be on guard. Victoria is creating more family drama of her own with one breath she shirks Patrick’s requests for quality time in favor of seeking out her other children. With the other she praises him for honoring her the way Daniel and Charlotte never have.
  • Rouge: Aiden has always been a delightful wildcard. He’s a semi-outsider that fits in while always conjuring doubt in his wake. His love for Emily continues to be destructive. This time he fingered Jack as the one who tampered with Conrad’s brakes and as such, the one who is trying to kill the senior Grayson. His jealousy will cause problems that Emily will have to solve. She needs his help, and we could do with the drama. Still, it would do well for Emily to sever this liability before Aiden becomes another Amanda—a seemingly endless screw up that does more harm than good.
  • The Novice: We won’t be able to refer to Jack in those terms much longer. He not only figured out where Conrad’s car was being destroyed, but he blackmailed Emily into allowing him to turn Conrad in. Jack even showed more aptitude than Emily by having footage of the wreck examined and discovering the brake sabotage that would have made their attempt to have Conrad arrested another pointless venture. Jack still has a few things to learn; when operating in the Hamptons one needs to remember that offhand remarks are never taken as such. His comment about needing a break from Emily stoked the already suspicious fires in Charlotte, especially when she discovered Jack and Emily sharing a moment at the bar. Inspiring Charlotte’s intrigue and distrust certainly isn’t a good idea. She may be Emily’s sister but she’s part Grayson after all.

The So-So:

  • Power Play: Daniel seems to be teetering on the line of good and evil again. At this point it’s tiresome. Will Daniel ever take up his claim as the honorable Grayson, or will he finally finish sinking into his birth right? He gave a false statement to the police in Emily’s name, and paid off the dirty officer involved to boot. As usual his misdeeds were tendered by his own greater good. To keep the magazine’s release safe, he had to protect the family name. We’d much more enjoy Daniel if he stopped pretending and succumb to his natural desire to plot, lie, and steal.

The Bad:

  • The Conrad Crumble: The disappointment over Conrad not only abandoning his desire to confess, but the death of the only other man willing to do so shouldn’t’ sting. Not to mention what the loss of Conrad’s belief that he had Huntington’s Disease will do to his behavior. Watching Emily dissolve from engineering Conrad’s surrender to unwillingly ensuring his liberty is never easy to watch. Unfortunately, the disillusion of yet another plot to clear Daniel Clarke’s name reintroduces the question: How long can this thing go on? This is Emily’s third year in the Hamptons—the last of which was spent fending off a crazy organization more reaching her goals. The whole premise of the show makes it obvious that Emily’s plight must continue, but something needs to happen to remarry the viewer’s excitement with the quest. Otherwise, the fire that ignited the fight for vengeance will die on the vine.


“Mercy” was anything but for Emily. Jack has put himself in danger. Daniel is beginning to be everything we knew he could be. Nolan is again cavorting with a love interest that could do more damage, and yet another plan to clear Emily’s father’s name has been foiled. Still the revelation that she plans to take down the Graysons at her wedding was stunning. How she will accomplish that is anyone’s guess.

Rating: 7/10

Revenge airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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