Parks and Recreation

The critically-admired but under-seen Parks and Recreation will not be airing for the next three weeks. NBC has pulled the show, and will replace it with The Voice and a Saturday Night Live Halloween special.

There are two ways to look at this. NBC just cancelled the low-rated new series Welcome to the Family, which aired after Parks, and are trying to fill that hole before the return of Community in January. Parks and Rec is scheduled to return November 14 with two weeks of back-to-back episodes, so it looks like NBC just wants to fill the gap, and it could be nothing more than that. That said, the show has never had particularly great ratings and it is likely that NBC has thought about cancelling it. But right now they have no great replacements and we’ve seen them flounder with a lot of Thursday night comedies.

Which is sad because NBC spent two decades owning that night. Between Cheers, The Cosby Show, Seinfeld, and Friends, the network had the biggest shows on television airing on Thursdays, whereas now it’s one of their weakest evenings. The good news for Parks is that it’s already got some syndication deals, and that may be the enticement to keep the show running as it’s into its sixth season, and will hit the hundred episode mark later this year.

How many seasons do you think Parks and Rec will last?