Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World is really starting to pick up steam (unless it isn’t) as it’s assembled a fairly prestigious couple of leads with Josh Brolin and Bryce Dallas Howard (unless they aren’t in it), with British actor Idris Elba set to join him (unless he isn’t).

So far, the only connection any of the above actors have to Jurassic World is a series of internet rumors noting that each is in some stage or another of negotiations with Universal to appear in the fourth Jurassic Park film (the Brolin and Howard rumors leaked last week).  And so, instead of waiting for a confirmation like responsible and level-headed people, we’re gonna go ahead and just tell you Elba’s probably in the movie too, ok?

Jurassic World Movie News is now citing a source “fairly close to Jurassic World’s development” that says Elba is now in the running to appear in the film, though Brolin is rumored to be the lead.

Elba has shown himself to be a fine actor (The Wire, Luthor) who can even shine above CGI’d mediocrity (Prometheus, Pacific Rim), so Trevorrow would do well to hire the guy: if Jurassic World is great, Elba will make it better; if it’s terrible, Elba will still shine.  Until he gets eaten by a raptor (unless he doesn’t).

What do you think of the Idris Elba “news”?

Source: Cinema Blend