Now I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the LEGO video games, but they’re some of the most adorable ones I’ve played in the past few years. Everything about the world is completely made out of LEGO pieces, along with a bunch of characters that grumble and squeak at each other as a means of communication. We’ll be getting a lot more of that from the superhero side of things with this brand new poster for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

It’s interesting the path that LEGO has taken within the past few years. Not only have they expanded their reach in video games, but we’ll be seeing a movie entirely centered on their adorable little world with The Lego Movie, a stop-motion animated movie out in theaters next year. Before we get a huge dose of these block creatures of all shapes and sizes, we at least have another fun game to keep us entertained in November.

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, we see some of our favorite powerful mutants and leaders fight crime out of their respected cities, and even work together in order to make that happen. When the evil Lego Loki teams up with the other villains of the Marvel universe to create a weapon that will decimate anyone, it’s up to these blocky superheroes to save their square little world. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be out on all video game consoles, and computers, soon. Check out the new poster below:



Have you played any of the LEGO video games before?

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