Back in September of 2011, the news of a possible sequel to Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice happening first hit the world, with Seth Grahame-Smith (author of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, screenwriter on Tim Burton’s upcoming Dark Shadows) being tapped to pen the screenplay, at which time it was noted that “the film will not be a remake; the intention is to reboot it by advancing the storyline of the original.”  There hasn’t been much in the way of the Beetlejuice 2 news since then, aside from Burton noting in the summer of 2012 that he would love to revisit the world of the original film.

And now it seems like the long-rumored film may become a reality: after having read Grahame-Smith’s script, Burton is indeed confirmed to be in talks to direct Beetlejuice 2.  That’s right: not a rumor, not a guess, but for once, the news is actually being confirmed.

Of course, the hope is that Michael Keaton will be returning as the titular Beetlejuice—the film simply couldn’t work without his manic and oddball delivery.  But let’s not worry about that for now—tonight, let us just relax and enjoy the fact that a beloved 1980s film is getting a sequel decades later.  And stuff like that never, ever goes wrong and results in a terrible film!

What do you think of the Beetlejuice 2 news?

Source: /Film