So Gravity held strong yet again, making an impressive $30 Million over the weekend, with Captain Phillips right behind it. Whereas this week’s new releases were DOA, with The Fifth Estate managing less than two million over the three day. Ouch.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Gravity $31,030,000 (-28.2) $8,123 $170,566,000
2 Captain Phillips $17,300,000 (-32.7) $5,728 $53,300,000
3 Carrie $17,000,000 $5,385 $17,000,000
4 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 $10,100,000 (-26.7) $2,804 $93,137,000
5 Escape Plan $9,800,000
$3,339 $9,800,000
6 Prisoners $2,065,000 (-43.2) $956 $57,259,000
7 Enough Said $1,800,000 (-5.8%) $2,378 $10,787,000
8 The Fifth Estate $1,714,000 $969 $1,714,000
9 Runner Runner $1,625,000 (-56.9) $808 $17,536,000
10 Insidious Chapter 2 $1,533,000 (-43.6) $921 $80,923,000


It’s possible that Gravity will cross the $200 Million dollar mark next weekend, which is pretty amazing for an October film. It’s now the highest grossing film to ever open in this month, and it could make it past $250 Million, which is a shock. Then again, it was a smart release date, and a great movie so…. that worked. Captain Phillips could make it to $100 Million, which puts it in great shape for Oscar buzz, though Tom Hanks is the movie and as I’ve said before, it’s biggest competition for attention is going to be Saving Mr. Banks. That said, getting this picture to around nine digits is impressive, even if it’s sitting in the shadow of Gravity.

Carrie got to $17 Million, which would be a victory if that didn’t also mean the film probably won’t get over $40 Million. It could be off as much as 70% next weekend, though it didn’t have a super-strong Friday pull, so maybe there’s an audience for it. Even so, The ceiling for the film is set and unless the film does better internationally, it looks like it’s going to lose money (its budget is $30 Million). The same could be said of Escape Plan, which brought together Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and couldn’t even crack ten million. That’s a film that might be saved by international, but it’s a turkey here. But as embrassing as that film might be, The Fifth Estate was the big loser this weekend, as it couldn’t even crack two million while in wide release. It’s hard to say the confluence that made it so ignorable, but wow. That’s a film that will likely never made money, and will be off most screens by November 1.

Reality Check: I thought all the new pictures would do better than they did. I gave them credit they didn’t deserve.

What did you watch this weekend?