Back in September, we reported to you that Thor: The Dark World’s director Alan Taylor was in talks to helm the 2015 Terminator reboot.  And we are still without an official confirmation about the Taylor’s attachment to the project, in a recent talk with /Film’s Germain Lussier, Taylor revealed that he’s clearly been thinking about the reboot, including the tone with which he would approach the film.

While noting he is “under the personal policy to say it’s a rumor” when asked if he will be helming the fifth Terminator film, the director has clearly been ruminating on the franchise, where it went wrong, and how a director could right the franchise with the fifth film.

“We all love the first two and I actually went back and watched them again and my respect level only went up. I think there is another famous franchise that had a wonderful beginning and then turned a little bananas….Tim Burton’s first Batman is just glorious and by the time it got around to nipples on costumes and all that stuff it sort of lost its way. And for [Christopher] Nolan to come in and say ‘I respect this material so much I’m going to take it up to *here,* that’s a great inspiration.’ I think any version, whoever is directing Terminator, would be very respectful and serve the first two and probably feel a bit more freedom by the end.”

While most people reference their inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy in terms of that trilogy’s ‘gritty’ and ‘somber’ tone, Taylor smartly notes that Nolan recognized and borrowed from some the darker psychological elements of the two Burton Batman films and then leapfrogged into his own critically-acclaimed take on Batman.  And, if Taylor is indeed the director of The Terminator, and if he uses James Cameron’s The Terminator and T2: Judgment Day as tonal inspiration while ignoring the last two sequels, this may be a remake worth looking forward to.

What do you think about the Taylor’s opinions?