Captain Phillips has been out in theaters for a week now, and since it’s a movie based off a true story, there is the possibility that it does have a couple of inaccuracies sprinkled into the story line. It wouldn’t be the first time that Hollywood overdramatized a situation in order to make it sell better for a movie. But apparently director Paul Greengrass is saying that’s not the case, and the reason why he’s suddenly come out to speak about this may surprise you.

There’s been a couple of reports floating around the internet saying that a good chunk of Paul Greengrass’ latest movie is fairly inaccurate, which really pisses him off. What makes it worse is that the main people behind this outcry are none other than a couple of crew members from the actual event. Apparently they’re in the middle of a lawsuit against the real Phillips and company against how he handled the whole situation, so maybe that’s why they’re crying out against this movie. Either way, Greengrass isn’t going to hear any of it with this statement that he gave out recently:

Here are the facts. Shortly after the Mersk Alabama incident was successfully resolved, and Captain Phillips returned home safely, some members of the crew sued Mersk Corporation claiming they had been put in harm’s way. They also alleged that Captain Phillips had ignored warnings to stay away from the coast of Somalia. When we started the film, it was a top priority for me to look into this issue in every detail. And I obviously can’t comment on this lawsuit, but what I can say is that myself, along with my colleague Michael Bronner formerly of 60 minutes, with whom I worked on United 93 and other projects, we researched the background of the Mersk Alabama highjacking in exhausting detail over many months. We spoke to every member of the Alabama crew bar one, all of the U.S. Military responders that played a leading role in these events, and thoroughly researched backgrounds of the 4 pirates and the issue of Somali piracy generally. And I’m 100% satisfied that the picture we present of these events in the film, including the role playing by Captain Phillips, is authentic. I stand by the picture I give in the film, absolutely.

If you want to read more about what he said about this situation, read about it here.

Do you think that Captain Phillips is an accurate portrayal of this real life situation? Why or why not?

Source: Slashfilm