In case you missed it, the illegal website Silk Road was recently put out of business. The site sold drugs and other taboo items, and was brought down by the FBI when the operator Ross William Ulbricht  (who went by the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts”) was caught trying to hire assassins. Sounds ripe for a movie, no? Well, that’s why Fox has hired Gone Baby Gone writer Dennis Lehane to work on a script.

Deadline is reporting that Lehane was hired to adapt the still unpublished articles by Joshua Davis, which will appear on the Epic magazine website. That’s right, the story hasn’t even been completed yet, but from all evidence there’s a great film here. Ross William Ulbright is a hacker/libertarian who saw a hole in the system and used it to get people what they wanted, and as a libertarian he believed he was doing the right thing. The only thing the site wouldn’t traffic in was murder, but after years of success and in the face of complainers and competition, Ulbright broke his own rules and went searching for hit-men, which led to his arrest.

Dennis Lehane has had experience with crime and true crime fictions, with his books being adapted into the feature films Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island. He also is credited with three episodes of The Wire. Basically, he’s legit, and this sounds like an amazing narrative. And with a better ending than The Fifth Estate to boot.

Who do you think should direct Silk Road?