Pacific Rim, the film in which Jax from Sons of Anarchy and Stringer from The Wire battle a bunch of not-Godzillas by playing Dance Dance Revolution inside a bunch of Robot Jox all within a plot that is nearly a beat-by-beat rip-off of Top Gun, did only so-so business in America, considering its budget.  However, it did record-making business internationally, especially in China; so, of course, sequel.

While no official green light for a Pacific Rim 2 has not been given, director Guillermo del Toro and screenwriter Travis Beacham are pressing ahead, and have begun writing the sequel with the hopes that Legendary will eventually give them the green light to begin production on the film:

We are writing the sequel. Travis Beacham and I are writing, so that is active. The decision to green light or not, that’s definitely above my pay rate.

As /Film notes, a few ideas del Toro has bandied about for the sequel include evolving Charlie Day’s kaiju-loving Newt Geiszler into a villain, or even featuring some kind of kaiju and Jaeger hybrid (how, exactly, a not-Godzilla and a big robot would join into one isn’t exactly clear).  So far, though, nothing about the potential sequel is really know, other than the fact that del Toro wants it to happen.

What do you think—do we need a Pacific Rim 2?