Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Liam Neeson’s career trajectory has really followed a rather unpredictable arc—going from a darkly brooding but offbeat character actor in such films as Krull, The Dead Pool, and Darkman, to darkly brooding and critically-hailed leading man in such films as Schindler’s List, Nell, and Rob Roy, before finally settling into darkly brooding Charles Bronson action archetype in a series of films that are basically Jason Statham movies minus Jason Statham.  Basically, as long as it’s dark and brooding, the guy will do it.  And the trailer for Non-Stop is the latest in his increasingly long line of dumbly entertaining action flicks.

In Non-Stop, Neeson plays an Air Marshall on a flight from New York City to London.  On said flight, a hidden bad guy starts killing people every 20 minutes and demands $150 million.  Neeson takes over the flight in order to save lives, and ends up getting branded as a hostage-taking terrorist.  It’s something of a nifty—if still ridiculously silly—plot, but hey, that seems to be half the point with these films:

Non-Stop also stars a slumming Julianne Moore, and was helmed by Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra.  The film is set for a February 28, 2014 release date.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film