In case you haven’t noticed, Marvel Studios is more or less launching an all-out assault for the dominion of both film and television: while The Avengers made box-office history and its sequel (barring any major missteps) will likely do the same, Marvel has also edged into the television world with Agents of SHIELD (a.k.a., Phil Coulson plus a lot of bland TV actors do things without the Avengers).  Now, according to Deadline (via /Film), Marvel is looking to expand even further into TV.

Deadline is reporting that Marvel is “quietly putting together a package” that consists of four drama series for television as well as a miniseries.  In total, about 60 episodes of television, which Marvel then plans to disseminate the shows via non-traditional broadcast routes—instead of finding homes on major networks (as Agents of SHIELD has done on ABC), Marvel is looking to broadcast the shows via such VOD providers as Netflix and Amazon, or cable networks such as WGN America.

It’s an interesting approach, side-stepping the major networks (and their dwindling numbers) and going straight to the sources of where most people are not getting their television (not counting torrents): VOD services like Netflix.

Nothing else is known at the moment about the shows (who will the characters be, who will star, how will they link up to the films, when they’ll premiere); stay tuned for more information as we have it.

What do you think of the Marvel news?