New Girl The Box Episode 5 Season 3 – TV Review

New Girl literally drops a bag of cash into the plot of new episode “The Box,” which causes all sorts of charming hi-jinks. Oh, and Jon Lovitz!

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The Players:

  • Director: Andy Fleming
  • Writers: Rob Rosell
  • Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone, Merritt Wever

Episode Title: “The Box”

It’s mo’ money, mo’ problems for Nick when he gets his inheritance from his late father.

The Good:

  • Running Man: A very strong case can be made that the highlight of the episode was that of Schmidt running – fast – down the road.
  • Bike Guy: Schmidt’s good deed by way of saving a bike messenger from choking on his gum did produce some laughs. It was funny when Schmidt called him an idiot in the hospital – all in the delivery on that one.
  • More Schmidt: The first scene with Jon Lovitz as the Rabbi was very good, especially when Schmidt admits his tweets of late have been ‘very literal.’ Also, he admits he cried listening to a techno song.
  • The Box: It took almost the entire episode but they finally got around to connecting the episode title to a sexy double entendre.
  • Night Peanuts: Jess has a drawer of peanuts. This is all we know. We’d like to know more.
  • Nick-Jess: The money plot might not have rocked it, but the duo – as a new couple – remains very fun to watch, especially when they have to navigate rough waters.
  • The Quote: Schmidt: “I got beat up by some Rabbis.”

The Bad:

  • Nick: His inability to face reality, like bills and taxes, was borderline aggravating. Of course he sees the light, but still, it was almost not believable he could be so out of touch.
  • Cold: The first mediocre cold open of the young season.


The madcap laughs of last week’s sexy episode “The Captain” did not carry over to this week’s money-themed episode,”The Box.” Neither the Jess/Nick money plot or the Schmidt/Hero plot provided much flash, but that’s not to say the episode was void of laughs. They were in there, just not that many. Anxious to see where Schmidt finally lands when this good guy/bad guy/sad guy phase he’s working himself through wraps up. Will they introduce a new woman in his life? The Nick/Jess plot might have been just so-so, but the writers are making sure we know the relationship, though still new, is strong.


Rating: 6/10

New Girl airs on Fox at 9pm (ET/PT) on Tuesday nights.

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