Revenge-Confession-Barry Sloane and Madeleine Stowe

On Revenge every party has its pooper. “Confession” put more than one secret out in the open. Emily’s comes out on top, but not without losing more than she planned.

The Players:

  • Director: Matt Earl Beesley
  • Writer: Sallie Patrick
  • Cast: Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, Nick Wechsler, Henry Czerny, Josh Bowman, Christa B. Allen, Barry Sloane, James LeGros, Justin Hartley, Karine Vanasse

Episode Title: “Confession”

Aiden returns to the Hamptons to crash Nolan’s housewarming with shocking results.

The Good:

  • Victoria Mastered: We were right to be skeptical of Aiden’s money-stealing accusations against Emily. His return was orchestrated by the head Revenger herself. Emily and Aiden brilliantly manipulated Victoria into publicly confronting Emily so she could expose the Graysons bankruptcy to the public. The true beauty of Emily’s maneuvers is that she’s always able to make her prey believe they chose their course of action. Victoria’s decision to continue working with Aiden is much of the same. The Cayman account search was just a ploy to win Victoria’s confidence, assisted by the admission of their affair last season. Yet again, Emily has an operative perfectly positioned with her toughest competitor. It’s all a matter of whether Aiden can bring about results.
  • Confessions: How many times can we watch this happen? Emily brought Father Paul back from banishment to wheedle a confession out of Conrad. Amazingly enough, Conrad was actually preparing to clear his name, until the flaming car wreck that was his Ferrari did away with the purest man to emerge from the David Clarke cover-up. Of course, Conrad’s survival paints him in a possibly murderous light.  The real question we need answered is whether Conrad’s most recent brush with death strengthened his resolve for the truth or pushed him into an overblown sense of security by escaping life’s biggest consequence. 
  • Three Blind Mice: All three of the Grayson children are suspicious of Emily right now. The one that shares her blood is the most riled against her. Daniel is losing faith in his fiancé thanks to his mother’s meddling. Not to mention the causal way he finally divulged his shooting of Aiden to Emily. It was obvious Daniel assumed that Aiden succumbed to his injuries—that kind of callous Grayson behavior spells trouble. Patrick seems so inclined to please his mother he hates Emily on principle.It’s Emily’s half-sister Charlotte that seems the most dangerous though. Intensely mistrustful of anything slightly nonsensical, Charlotte’s making up for two seasons of being an ineffectual weak point. At this early juncture, any of the three could be behind the gun that puts Emily in the water a few months from now. 
  • Modesty is Overrated: The writers know to inject a little fun and glamour into any scene with Nolan in it. A brief chat with Emily called for a T-shirt emblazoned with his own mug shot. Nolan’s house warming party was perfectly scored with the song of the moment, Lorde’s “Royal”. But the real excitement were his scenes with Patrick.  We dedicated Nolan fans know what it looks like when our guy is flirting. It seemed like Patrick was returning the affection but we’ll have to wait and see. Emily already declared interactions with Patrick off limits pending further investigation, but this wouldn’t be the first time Nolan ignored her wishes. Padma Tyler Sexual Damage may not be the last harm done to Nolan’s romantic scorecard.

The Quotable:

  •  “He wears his shame well.”—Daniel
  • “If I needed a man to order me around I would have gone to work for my father.”—Margaux


“Confession” was just the upswing Revenge needed. Father Paul’s death and Emily’s bankruptcy confession gave it some spice. The episode wasn’t all about explosions. Aiden’s fake partnership with Victoria and the budding bromance/possible romance between Nolan and Patrick created a certain amount of suspense. Not to mention the drama Margaux’s friendship with Jack seems to have awakened. Emily’s love for Jack has never disappeared, and with Aiden back vying for her attention, the “love rhombus” ABC is advertising will make the next episode an eventful one.

Rating: 10/10

Revenge airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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