Finally, after months of waiting and waiting, The Walking Dead returns to our humble homes this Sunday night. To amp up our excitement, AMC has released a brand new promo in which Rick, Glenn, Maggie and a few others stand over piles of burning dead zombies. Also, FilmDistrict has unleashed the very first clip for Spike Lee‘s Oldboy. Check both videos out below. We also have a cool gallery of unofficial Gravity posters, courtesy of The Short List. All that and more below.

  • Peter Dinklage To Play Leprechaun In R-Rated Comedy: Peter Dinklage is making a comedy, and we predict it’s going to be hilarious. THR reports (via Vulture) that the Game of Thrones actor will star in an R-rater comedy about a man who tells people he is a true leprechaun. The movie will be something in the vein of Bad Santa, though wrapped around an emotional heart.” The script was written by Andrew Dodge (Bad Words).
  • Michael B. Jordan Addresses Star Wars Rumors: Michael B. Jordan has confirmed that he auditioned for an unspecified role in the upcoming Star Wars movie. He told People Magazine (via Huffington Post) that he auditioned but didn’t “wield a lightsaber.” He said, “I mean, everybody’s going in on this project. They’re trying to figure out what they want. That’s another incredible franchise. It’s pretty crazy! … We’ll see how it happens. I don’t know how I can do everything.” The actor has been circling a lot of big roles lately, hopefully one pans out for him.
  • Game Of Thrones And The Avengers: This week, Unreality Magazine published two cool galleries featuring Games of Thrones and The Avengers. The first showcases four of the best female characters from Game of Thrones including Dany, Margaery, Brienne and Sansa. Check it out. The second gallery features the work of Etsy artist Christian Petersen who decided to take the Avengers (and a villain) and translate them into car company logos. It’s a very clever project, check it out.


  • New Walking Dead Promo: In the latest Walking Dead promo Rick Grimes stands over a pile of burning zombie corpses. (It makes one wonder that maybe all of the people he rescued in last season’s finale didn’t make it.) The show returns this Sunday at 9pm on AMC.


  • New Oldboy Poster: Here’s the latest poster for Oldboy: (Watch the film November 27th.)


[via /Film]

  • Vampire Academy Poster: From the makers of Mean Girls and Heathers comes a YA adaptation titled Vampire Academy, which follows a pair of bloodsucking best friends who go to a special high school for vampires. The film is based on a novel by Richelle Mead, and is scheduled to hit theaters next Valentine’s Day. Check it out the brand new poster:


[via ComingSoon]

  • Five Alternate Gravity Posters: Gravity is definitely the coolest and most beautiful movie of the year thus far. Between its performances and spectacular visuals, it’s just hard not to talk about it. The Short List (via Movies.com) commissioned a few artists to come up with their own alternate movie posters for the film, and they are awesome. Check them out below:

That’s the end of our round-up for this week. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

What are you excited for?