David O. Russell’s upcoming American Hustle sports not only a mega-prestigious cast, but something of a casting reunion as well (Christian Bale and Amy Adams previously appeared in Russell’s The Fighter, while Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper starred in Silver Linings Playbook; only Jeremy Renner is the odd actor out).  The film tells the true-life tale of a con man and his lover, who get pulled into a world of out of control FBI agents and dangerous Mafiosos.  And since most of this was covered in the film’s first trailer, the newest add focuses on the characters (and actors) and their very 1970s coifs.

It’s something of a sharp tactic—wide audiences may not care much about the specifics of a 1970s obscure sting operation, but seeing Bale, Adams, Lawrence, Cooper, and Renner vacillate between cinematic sensuousness and polyester camp may be what brings them into theaters.  Check it out:

Russell’s been on something of a roll for the past few years, with both The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook snagging a number of awards.  And given the pedigree and prestige level of the cast, we’d be hard-pressed to imagine American Hustle ending that winning streak any time soon.

American Hustle is set for a December 13th release date.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film