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One of the most refreshing things about Community creator Dan Harmon (in addition to the fact that, well, he created Community) is the fact that he seems clinically and pathologically unable to place a governor or interlocutor between his brain and mouth.  Indeed, this is the man who once compared viewing season four of Community (the polarizing, Harmon-free season after NBC fired him, before rehiring him for the upcoming season five) to watching his family getting raped.  In an age when most public commentary is blandly sanitized, Harmon is often a blast of shockingly fresh air.

So, what wildly yet refreshingly offensive thing has Harmon said now?  Well, in a subreddit thread known as “Unpopular Opinions About The ‘Unpopular Opinions About Community,” Harmon responded to the accusations that season four did not suck due to Harmon’s absence, but as a side-effect of Harmon’s own wildly high-concept season three, which has received mixed reviews from fans.  And his response involved comparing said criticism to the horror felt by those whose family members were raped, murdered, and eaten by cannibal Jeffery Dahmer:

Saying season 3 sucked is like punching my brother. I wish it wouldn’t happen but my brother probably deserved it, he’s kind of nuts. But I love him, you know? I don’t talk to him, but he’s my brother.

Saying season 4 sucked is like punching…let’s say Jeffrey Dahmer. He’s from my home town, but I didn’t know him and he ate 17 people.

Saying season 3 sucked so bad that it made season 4 suck is like feeding my brother to Jeffrey Dahmer. I have no idea if he deserves it, it doesn’t matter if he does, it bums me out, there’s nothing I can do, but definitely no need to argue about it.

Explaining why season 4 is season 3′s fault and how it’s important to state your opinion and I should really calm down is like feeding my brother to Dahmer really slowly, while wearing Harry Potter glasses that you keep pushing up on the bridge of your nose.

Saying anything about community sucked is like punching. It would be great if it never happened but so would having a gumdrop-exhaust-powered jet pack.
Stay tuned to find out whatever else Harmon might say, just as soon as NBC gets around to giving season five a  premiere date.

What’s your favorite Harmon statement?

Source: The AV Club