As we’ve all taken our time to say goodbye to Breaking Bad, and sort out the reactions (of late Oliver Stone has criticized the “fantasy violence” in the finale, which is a rich critique coming from the man who wrote the remake of Scarface), and theories (was Walt dead for most of the episode? If so, why would his dying thoughts feature a dream sequence about a thing he wouldn’t know about?), it’s worth noting that DreamWorks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg wanted more. And was willing to dish out $75 Million for three more episodes. That’s almost as much money as Walt had in his barrels!

This wasn’t just fan-wanking however, as Variety reports Katzenberg wanted to spend that money to get three episodes that would play out online over the course of six minute segments that the audience would have to pay for. As Katzenberg notes “I said (to them), ‘I’m going to create the greatest pay-per-view television event for scripted programming anybody’s ever done,’” with the plan to be to charge fans a dollar or less per six minute chunk.

And wow, that sounds like a horrible idea. Granted, we wouldn’t have minded an epilogue-type thing with this, where we could see what happened to characters like Skinny Pete or Badger, or some of the other characters who survived the show perhaps months, years or decades on (a storyline on Holly years later, or on Saul Goodman in his new life would have been interesting), but that’s not what this sounds like. It sounds like Katzenberg wanted to milk the show, and charge fans (many of whom would likely resort to piracy) to get their last fix. Which is very Breaking Bad in its way. We just wonder how pure the webisodes would be.

Would you want to see what happened to the characters after the show, or are you perfectly satisfied with how things wrapped up?