Get ready to be super envious of what Hong Kong Disneyland has to offer, because the first official Marvel ride is quite a doozy. The park has been around for almost a decade, but since there’s plenty of room to start up some new rides, Disney is looking to begin their permanent theme park attraction reign with Marvel in there. Boy, I really do want this ride over here in the States.

Hong Kong Disneyland is getting The Iron Man Experience. What exactly is that? Well it certainly isn’t similar to that little display they had going on at Disneyland earlier this year. It’s going to be a motion-stimulated ride similar to Star Tours, where people are put into a cool Iron Man tricked out car and follow Tony Stark/Iron Man on many adventures. Maybe they’ll take a cue from the Star Wars updates and give folks random scenarios to be in. After all, Iron Man has more than a couple of villains that try to fight him on a semi-regular basis.

The ride is expected to open up at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2016. Will we be able to see this ride in the States? Perhaps. There has been talk about a Marvel expansion happening with Disneyland or Disney World sometime soon. It would be great if we got a cool expansion for Disneyland but there isn’t enough land, that is unless they decide to buy out a few hotels behind Toon Town and add it in there. Also I want an update on Toon Town. It’s a fun kid-centric place but it looks pretty run down as of late.

Do you want The Iron Man Experience ride at other Disneyland locations?

Source: Slashfilm