Revenge-Sin-Christa B. Allen and Emily VanCamp

Revenge is a cornerstone of dramatic potential, yet sometimes the payoff seems so far away. “Sin” introduced a new element to Emily’s quest: regret. Our heroine’s judgment is called into question, along with a couple of incomplete story developments. Still, through the muck a small star shines. Perhaps it’s finally time for both Clarke girls to avenge their father?

The Players:

  • Director: John Scott
  • Writer: Joe Fazzio
  • Cast: Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, Nick Wechsler, Henry Czerny, Josh Bowman, Christa B. Allen, Barry Sloane, James LeGros, Justin Hartley, Karine Vanasse, Richard Johnson, David Moses

Episode Title: “Sin”

Victoria pushes Patrick forward while Emily sets her sights on a target that’s on a very interesting path.

The Good:

  • Daughter Rising: As we hoped, Charlotte is already showing real promise this season. She was quick enough to put together Emily’s broken confidence and bold enough to confront her in an appropriately miffed manner. Her attitude towards Patrick seems unnecessary, but at least she’s become wary of new family members. That paled in comparison to her rebuke of adopted father Conrad when Jack let it slip that he knew about the bomb that killed Declan and caused her miscarriage. All of a sudden Emily isn’t the only Clarke girl with a chip on her shoulder and retribution in
    her eyes. If the writers validate Charlotte’s character they’ll be headed in the right direction.
  • Sharpie Stumble: What Emily’s arbitrary decision has made obvious is the blinders the lead revenger’s developed.  By all accounts, Father Paul Whitley’s path since David Clarke’s death appears to be a righteous one. Like many of Emily’s previous enemies, he could have a terrible secret hidden below the surface. But is our heroine wrong not to wait to find it? The decision to finally harden Emily for good could have intriguing consequences. However, it looks like waffling between Emily with a moral compass and Emily with heartless drive appears to be more important to the writing staff. Still, the tension her crisis of conscience creates has potential. Waiting to see which of her judgments of Father Whitley was appropriate could be entertaining.
  • The Muffin Man: For a man who can find more than one way to brazenly wear orange, nothing’s a real challenge.  Nolan’s first few minutes on screen peppered viewers with his quick wit. First, offering his one night stand a chauffeured, “drive of shame or fame,” because of his self-proclaimed PTSD: Padma Tyler sexual damage. The man’s title of fan favorite certainly isn’t in danger. The baking he was so proud of became an inside joke when the muffins he gave Emily were immediately pawned off on the Graysons. Then Victoria presented them to Nolan as a welcome to the neighborhood when she came snooping. Her decision to set her sights on Emily’s confidant dangles a delicious carat of dialogue. The two characters with the best lines in constant conflict will make for more than a few notable conversations.

The So-So:

  • Manufactured Conscience: If anyone is keeping track, two out of two times that Conrad’s had an attack, Emily handed him a drink immediately before. These sorts of deductions aren’t normally possible after one of her maneuvers.  If her poisoning provokes the emergence of a repentant Conrad then no more will be said. Nevertheless, if someone figures out the pattern it certainly won’t be a shock.
  • An Affair to Forget: Margaux’s open flirtation and thinly veiled insults towards Emily were a heralding trumpet for her celebratory strip-down for Daniel. On one hand, the confident pose Daniel struck before handing Margaux her dress and refusing her advances was another in a line of strong moments he should be used to. On the other, a mere affair is barely worthy of our attention. Some added intrigue needs to manifest in order for this plot to matter.
  • The Silent Partner: It seems irresponsible for Victoria to join forces with someone who hasn’t clearly outlined the reasons he turned against his ex-girlfriend. Knowing Aiden had a hand in raiding her family of their fortune has to be unsettling yet Victoria hasn’t made her true intentions known. 

The Quotable:

  • “You’re welcome to take a run at him but he’s always viewed God as a competitor.”—Victoria
  • “Tell me, when exactly did punishing the guilty become more important than helping the innocent.”—Jack
  • “You deserve to die miserable and alone.”—Charlotte


“Sin” put the transgressions of several characters on display. Unfortunately, in true Revenge fashion the good was nearly outshined by the slow and boring. There always seems to be potential just over the horizon, but that point in the faraway future is starting to feel like a destination we’ll never reach.

Rating: 7/10

Revenge airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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