Inside Llewyn Davis

While there are a number of contenders for best modern American filmmaker(s) currently making films, it’s hard to think of anyone with a better overall oeuvre than the Coen brothers (OK, Tarantino comes close).  With such films as Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Barton Fink, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and No Country for Old Men (and that’s less than half of their total filmography), brother Joel and Ethan have established one of the most bulletproof collections in modern film (ok, The Ladykillers aside).  And their newest, Inside Llewyn Davis, looks to be the latest jewel in their expanding crowd, if the pull-quotes in the latest trailer are to be believed.

The newest trailer doesn’t exactly tell us any more of the plot than previous ads for the film—essentially, it’s the story of Llewyn Davis, a fictional folk singer in the early 1960s New York folk scene.  And, judging from his interactions with others (especially Carey Mulligan), he’s isn’t the most likeable protagonist the Coen’s canon.  But what you do get in abundance in the new trailer is a slew of positive reviews:

Inside Llewyn Davis is set for a December 6, 2013 release date.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: IMDB