For his next film, Derek Cianfrance is heading back to the circus, only this time he won’t be following a hot-headed stunt driver. The Blue Valentine and Place Beyond The Pines director has revealed that he’ll write and direct A Cotton Candy Autopsy, which has to do with crazy clowns and other weird stuff.

If the title A Cotton Candy Autopsy sounds a little familiar, well then you might recall that in the late 80s, DC released a short-lived series called Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, written by Dave Louapre and drawn by Dan Sweetman. There were a total of 30 issues, and A Cotton Candy Autopsy was the first. The series was nominated for Best New Series at the 1990 Harvey Awards.

According to /Film, that first issue opens with a circus in flames, and follows a set of friends from under the big top as they flee on a weird road trip.

Jeff Goldsmith interviewed Cianfrance recently for his podcast, and the director mentioned the project, saying:

“I’m going to write a movie with Darius (Marder, The Place Beyond The Pines co-writer) called A Cotton Candy Autopsy… I don’t know how to describe it, except that it’ll be a crazy movie. Ben Mendelsohn will be in that one.”

It’s so cool how Cianfrance just knows that Mendelsohn will say yes to this kind of project; it’s like they both know that working together is the best thing for them to do.

As exciting and scary as this film sounds, A Cotton Candy Autopsy is just one of a few projects sitting on Cianfrance’s stuffed plate. Though he won’t be doing the HBO show Muscle anymore – it fell through – nor will he be shooting Nurture any time soon, he is set to direct The Light Between Oceans for DreamWorks, and it was also recently announced that he’ll direct Those Guys Have All The Fun, which details the early days of ESPN.

Were you a fan of Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children?