There’s a certain amount of hesitation fans of the Stephen King novel and the Brian De Palma film have over the upcoming Carrie remake, though they really shouldn’t fear. At least from the ads we’ve seen so far, it won’t be derailing too far from the original source material. It’s just all a matter of whether or not folks will have an open enough mind to give it a try.

Chloe Grace Moretz, made famous for her role as Hit Girl in the Kick-Ass films, is playing the iconic reserved young girl tormented by an overbearing religious mother (Julianne Moore) and constant bullying from her classmates. When she begins to take control of her telekinetic powers, everything for her begins to change. Most of you know how to the story ends up, so a few of these images that are displayed below won’t come off as too much of a surprise for you. Audiences are more curious about how the cinematic ride will be for this upcoming movie compared to the 1976 film.

We have the likes of Kimberly Peirce behind the camera this time around, the same woman who wrote and directed Boys Don’t Cry and Stop-Loss. She’s a very strong and capable filmmaker who’s dealt with the topic of bullying which works considering that we’re dealing with Carrie here. The movie opens up next Friday, so if you get a chance to see it let us know what you think.

Are you going to see Carrie when it comes out in theaters next weekend?

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