Gravity is a big summer movie that has just enough prestige to it that Warner Brothers wanted to position it closer to award season. But with no competition, nothing but rave reviews, and the boost that comes with 3D and Imax screenings, it’s now got the highest October opening weekend ever.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Gravity $55,000,000 $15,538 $55,000,000
2 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 $21,500,000 (-36.8) $5,374 $60,557,000
3 Runner Runner $7,600,000 $2,512 $7,600,000
4 Prisoners $5,700,000 (-47.5) $1,161 $47,880,000
5 Rush $4,408,000 (-56.0)
$1,910 $18,095,000
6 Don Jon $4,160,000 (-52.1) $1,718 $16,077,000
7 Baggage Claim $4,125,000 (-54.3) $1,850 $15,185,000
8 Insidious Chapter 2 $3,876,000 (-40.8) $1,487 $74,750,000
9 Pulling Strings $2,500,000 $6,460 $2,500,000
10 Enough Said $2,150,000 (+2.4) $4,920 $5,387,000


Gravity‘s opening weekend is at $3 Million over Paranormal Activity 3‘s, which was the previous record holder, and next weekend doesn’t offer strong competition. Captain Phillips and Machete Kills could chip at the audience a little, but we’d guess the film will be over $100 Million by next Sunday. Right now it’s hard to say how big it will be. The audience was mostly older for the film — perhaps next weekend will bring more children — and word of mouth should be great, so it could behave anomalously. In fact, these numbers are troubling for Captain Phillips, which may get some Oscar love, but if audiences are more interested in Gravity, and Phillips can’t crack $40-$50 Million because of it, that could sink the picture.

That’s a solid hold for Cloudy 2, which is on its way to get over $100 Million, but there doesn’t seem to be much passion for it, so the film will be saved by home video/international. This could be the end of this franchise. Still, there’s no competition, so it should be able to hang out in theaters for a while.

Runner Runner was not expected to do well, and so it’s no surprise it’s DOA. Prisoners is doing just well enough for the film to make money, but it’s out of the Oscar conversation. Rush was always going to do better internationally, and foreign markets should save it. Otherwise, Enough Said is picking up some steam, and it does feature James Gandolfini in one of his final performances, so there’s some word of mouth to that.

Reality Check: I said that I thought Gravity could take the October record, but I didn’t pick that as the number. I lowballed Cloudy‘s hold and highballed everything else. Call it the Gravity vacuum effect.

What did you watch this weekend?