i, frankenstein

Just in case you were hoping to see something so wildly ridiculous and, well, kind of dumb today, do we have the trailer for you: the just-released ad for I, Frankenstein, starring Aaron (please, never ever forget that I was in The Dark Knight, please) Eckhart as the monster, a.k.a. Adam Frankenstein.

And just in case you think you’ve seen every possible iteration of the Frankenstein’s monster story, I, Frankenstein decides to go for a wild criss-cross of generic high-concept horror/action movie tropes:

  • The badass anti-hero (every great action film since, um, ever).


  • Two warring supernatural factions who battle threatens to spill over onto, and eradicate, mankind (Twilight franchise, Underworld franchise).


  • Take a classic horror character and drop him into an insanely high concept and stupidly premise-stuffed excuse for two hours of CGI (Van Helsing).

Oh, is it ever terrible.  Check it out:

I, Frankenstein was directed by Kevin Grevioux, costars Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, and Jai Courtney and is set for a January 24, 2014 release, because January is the graveyard to which the very worst of movie studio toxic waste sludge is dumped

What do you think of the I, Frankenstein trailer?  Are you as impressed as we are?

Source: /Film